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Bringing Climate Education to schools NOW!

About the event

Climate Action Day is a live, online event produced by Take Action Global, that serves as the culminating celebration of the Climate Action Project, a six-week initiative involving 3.4 million people across 152 countries. Each year, the event welcomes world leaders, climate scientists, youth activists, and artists and performers. Past honored guests and speakers have included HRH Prince William, President Juan Manuel Santos, Dr. Jane Goodall, and Sir David Attenborough. During the event, students and teachers present questions to speakers and showcase solutions for climate change. Climate Action Project schools and classrooms are recognized for their efforts for the annual project and have the opportunity to share their ideas and creations. The event is free for all, broadcasted out to the world through streaming and social media, and designed for students of all ages. The recordings are Open Access and available year round. Please click the red Register button to register your class, and save-the-date to join us in this celebration of awareness, action, and impact for our planet.

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Classrooms: Interested in attending?

Climate Action Day is designed for classrooms and schools and is open for registration. Classes can join for the entire event or individual sessions. Our aim is to have an open and accessible event that can be enjoyed by all. Session formats include plenary sessions, interviews, talks, panels, and performances. Certificates of attendance are issued to classrooms following the event and recordings are published and available year round. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to follow along: https://www.youtube.com/c/TakeActionGlobal. Please note, students do not need to register; teachers can register full classes and can include students, parents, and community members.

Speakers: Interested in presenting?

Each year, we aim to have a diverse lineup of speakers representing innovations in climate action and experience in climate change. We aim to have representation of multiple viewpoints and perspectives from government and policy makers to media and the arts to climate sciences and promising solutions. We’ve had prominent world leaders with presidents and prime ministers, ministers of environment and ministers of education, famous youth activists, writers, philanthropists, and musicians, and even an amazing magician. No matter where our speakers join from, their ages, or their areas of professional practice–they are all united in taking action for climate education and in support of teachers and students. Individuals and organizations interested in presenting for Climate Action Day are invited to email for more information at contact@takeactionglobal.org with “Climate Action Day: Interest in Speaking” as the title line. Presentations range from 5-30 minutes and include talks, 1:1 interviews, panels, and performances.

Sponsors: Interested in partnering?

Take Action Global is committed to addressing the big and challenging issues our world is facing. In doing this, we are also committed to partnering with organizations and companies who have big ideas and big hearts and who want to join us in supporting the work of climate education for all. If you or your organization is interested in supporting classrooms to take action for the planet, please contact Koen Timmers, Executive Director of Take Action Global at koen@takeactionglobal.org. Each year, we partner with a very small and select group of partners as sponsors for Climate Action Day, and we would love to hear from you and learn about your mission and your goals.

Press: Interested in covering?

Our Climate Action Day event is covered by international, national, and local media each year. Press coverage can include television news, print, online articles, videos, and interviews. If you are a member of the press and would like to cover the Climate Action Day event, the work of climate education, or any speakers or local classrooms, please send an email to contact@takeactionglobal.org with “Climate Action Day: Interest in Press Coverage” as the title line.

Download our 2023 press release

Promotion: Interested in sharing with others?

Do you know others who may be interested in joining for Climate Action Day? Please feel free to share the event website: http://climateactionday.net.

We invite you to also share with your networks on social media or in newsletters with these sample messages:

Newsletter Sample Copy:

We are proud to announce Climate Action Day, a free online full-day event for classrooms around the world. The day serves as a concluding celebration of learning for the Climate Action Project which welcomed in over 3.4 million students from over 152 countries.

Sessions will be streamed across social platforms to provide access to all and the event hosts a remarkable lineup of speakers, including global experts, world leaders, climate change activists, and environmental researchers and organizations along with representative classrooms of students sharing on their solutions for change.

Registration information is located HERE. More, we humbly request your support in spreading the news of the event to ensure individuals across the planet have equal access to the information, ideas, and opportunities of learning and action. More information at: http://climateactionday.net.

Sample post/tweet:
We support climate action and believe in the power of student solutions for change. Looking forward to joining for #ClimateActionDay on November 2nd!

I invite you to learn more and register here: http://climateactionday.net! #ClimateActionDay #ClimateActionEdu @ClimateActionED

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